At Koshambh we always strive for bringing better quality and innovative products to the market. So we our search for new and improved products and markets is always on. We also plan to introduce a wider range of products in African and other markets. Some of our recent future undertakings are listed below.

Pharmaceuticals and Formulations

Our new range of activities includes exporting of Pharmaceutical formulations, IV fluids and Pharmaceutical machineries. We will provide high value products from reputed organizations satisfying WHO - GMP requirements and conforming to International Standards and Regulations.


We plan to undertake turnkey projects in the areas of:

- Manufacturing of PP bottles, Jars and HDPE/LLDPE sacks and hand bags
- Bottling of Mineral Water, Soft Drinks and Beverages
- Manufacturing of Pharmaceutical Products like Tablets, Capsules and Liquid
- Processing and packing of Processed Foods using form-Fill and Seal machines
- Setting up turnkey project for Glass Bottle Manufacturing for soft Drink and   Pharmaceutical Industry.
- Wax Candle manufacturing.