African Prints:

African  wax   prints    contributes  our  major   export  turn over. coping  up   with  the  high  export  turn   over, we   have  very  high  skilled   man  power. which   gives  us  exactly  the  market oriented  products.  The  main   theme of  these  products  are   bright  colors, better  design  appearance & versatile   finishing   which  keeps  our products a label above others.

Suiting and Shirting: 

Our Product  range  varies from  cotton  to  various  blends.  We have versatile  range of yarn dyed, solid, chambric etc. It  is  manufactured by auto loom and  power loom, keeping in view of effective  costing  as well as international quality standard.

Knits Garments:

This  is   our  new  venture  on  proportionate  to  our  growth  the products consists of cotton knitted garments such as BASIC's, POLO's and Pull Over's etc.

African Wax Prints Quality:

40 40s - 100 x 92

30 30s -  78 x 62

20 20s.

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