Koshambh specializes manufactures high-quality, fancy and eco-friendly plastic bags in large quantities. We offer different kinds of plastic carry bags and bags for packaging different agricultural foods and products in various colors, sizes, shapes, materials and prints as per your requirements. Equipped with innovative modern technology and infrastructure, we produce the best quality of carrying bags in bulks for every and any day usage at affordable prices. Also, our plastic products ate 100% Export Oriented Units.

We manufacture plastic bags using the best raw materials as per the type of polyethylene bags in the market. It includes High-density polyethylene (HDPE) Polypropylene (PP) Craftpaper and Non-Woven materials. Located in Halol and Manjusar, Vadodara, Gujarat, we produce 6050 metric tons of plastic bags a month. Our powerful extrusion machines and processes perfectly mix all the raw materials. Once the plastic strips are ready, we cut it in different sizes as per the customer’s requirements. The plastic bags are then strongly stitched to make sure it’s durable. The final part is printing, where we add colours and emboss branding and prints. We make sure we only give you the best quality bags so that one can carry everything and anything desire

Koshmabh understands that with a great manufacturing process comes greater responsibility. Plastic and plastic waste management is something that the world is fighting together to make our mother earth a better place for our future generations. As a leading exporter and manufacturer of the country, we also manufacture biodegradable and eco-friendly plastic bags that decompose easily and do not harm our environment.