About Koshambh

Koshambh has a multi-functional business model. We are leading exporter in India while also having a strong foothold in the manufacturing industry. Koshambh is a trustworthy platform that helps businesses and individuals to expand their products and goods reach in the international markets. Our transparent export solutions assist suppliers, wholesalers, and retailers trade a variety of products efficiently at an economical and defectively.

We started our venture in the export and trading sector in 1995, intending to bridge the demand-supply gap of various goods and products in African markets. Today, Koshambh has become an Indian government recognised and a leading exporter of diverse products, items and goods from different industries. With a steadfast experience of more than two decades and counting, we’ve become the key facilitator for exporters, traders, wholesalers, and retailers to successfully export/trade their products in the African markets and countries.

We provide end to end exporting services to exporters, retailers, and suppliers. Right from characterizing items, packing products and goods, to legal paperwork, to logistics, we do it all. Our reliable networks of verified buyers and suppliers also help one to source and capture the right business opportunity through fulfilling the supply chain demands. Our different distribution channels, marketing-sales strategies, and backend support make sure that one not only penetrate the market but also establish a strong presence in the long term.

Koshmabh is always striving to grow out of its comfort zone. We always seek opportunities to expand and contribute to fulfilling the demand supply gaps in various sectors of our markets. Koshambh has been growing its manufacturing business at the same time ,we have two manufacturing units based in Gujarat . One specialize in biscuit and other specializes in bio-degrade-bale plastic bags. Both our manufacturing units are equipped with modern technology and machinery to match our customers demands.

Motto: Suffice Supplies, Satisfied Service.

Koshambh, as a company has always been focused on it’s customer centric approach. We strive to provide best solutions in the exporting market to make sure they’re not happy but also satisfied with our services.

Our Mission & Vision


We strive to create a platform where quality suppliers can meet buyers irrespective of the industry or the products they want to export.


Koshambh under its visionary leaders aims to improve the quality of life of people by establishing mutually beneficial trade relations between India and Africa.


We strive to create a platform where quality suppliers can meet buyers irrespective of the industry or the products they want to export.