About Manufacturing Units

Koshambh has also carved out its niche in the manufacturing sector of the nation. We have our manufacturing industry set up in Gujarat. We are equipped with modern tools and technology and a skilled workforce makes sure that there is rapid manufacturing of products namely, biscuits and plastic bags. Koshambh and team make sure our quality of products matches the benchmark of quality and hygiene in international markets of Africa.

Our strategic and closer to the port locations helps us efficiently export our manufactured products in large bulks and capacity. Koshambh aims to bridge the gap of supplies with its endeavour in the manufacturing industry. We want to be the helping hands that better the economy of two rapidly urbanizing nations of the world.

Manufacturing Units

Biscuits Manufacturing Unit

Our biscuit factory manufactures a variety of premium quality glucose biscuits, nice biscuits, cream biscuits and more. We maintain high standards of hygiene to make sure it matches the quality parameters of western countries. Koshambh is also equipped with modern machinery and skilled workforce to deliver high quality in large quantities.

Biodegradable Plastic Manufacturing Units

Koshambh manufactures high-quality, fancy and eco-friendly plastic bags in large quantities. We offer different kinds of plastic carry bags and bags for packaging different agricultural foods and products in various colours, sizes, shapes, materials and prints as per your requirements. Equipped with innovative modern technology and infrastructure, we produce the best quality of carrying bags in bulks for every and any day usage at affordable prices. Also, our plastic products ate 100% Export Oriented Units.