Koshambh provides smart logistics and supply chain solutions that help one to connect thir business to international markets of African countries. Our logistic service aims to provide excellent customer service. Our exceptional team of experts runs the logistics department in an organized manner to ensure quick delivery and shipment of your products at your desired locations in the African Markets. Our seamless and organized logistics service is extended to various industries including Pharmaceuticals, Textiles,  Agrochemicals, Automobiles/ spare parts, Sundry products, Food, and Plastic products.

We’ve acquired extensive management skills and relations through our 25 years of prominent experience in the export industry. It involves active back and forth transfers of international and domestic products and goods from Indian and African ports.

Our skilled workforce makes sure our logistics service operates seamlessly, ensuring every business can provide its products easily internationally without any obstacles. Equipped with all the modern technology and tactics, we help our customers with quick container booking, quick custom clearance. We also keep an eagle eye on the whereabouts of products so that customers can have a realistic idea of delivery time. We also generate good tracking reports to ensure we deliver what we promise

We also share a strong bond with Maersk CMA-CGM, leading shipping companies that transports different goods and products at 120+ different country’s ports.  Due to which Koshambh is available to deliver products, goods, and items at desired locations faster at various ports in 20+ countries and African Markets.